Lakeside Healthcare Partners

Headlands Surgery, Kettering

  • Dr Aisha Durrani
  • Dr John Hart
  • Dr Adeel Iqbal
  • Dr Michael Slip

Lakeside Surgeries Corby

  • Dr Richard Baxter
  • Dr Ian Bowie
  • Dr James Burden
  • Dr Adam Crowther
  • Dr John Delaney
  • Dr Sanjay Gadhia
  • Professor Robert Harris
  • Dr Armardeep Heer
  • Dr Harish Kundaje
  • Dr Radha Kurapati
  • Mrs Janita Mackin
  • Dr Jaish Mahan
  • Dr Stuart Maitland-Knibb
  • Dr John Mellor
  • Dr Martin McGrath
  • Dr David Palmer
  • Dr Lynette Patino
  • Dr Tony Penney
  • Dr Akhtar Rasool
  • Dr Shalini Singh
  • Dr Debbie Smith
  • Dr Emily Taylor 
  • Dr Andy Ward
  • Dr Neil Whittaker
  • Dr Kevin Williams
  • Dr Peter Wilzynski

The Little Surgery Stamford

  • Dr Melanie Denton
  • Dr John Fields

Oundle Medical Practice

  • Dr David Clayton
  • Dr Penny Hipwell
  • Dr Sabine Lijesen
  • Dr Kathryn Newell
  • Dr Mike J Richardson

St Mary's, Stamford

  • Dr Anne Banner
  • Dr Sian Dronfield
  • Dr Tom Eames
  • Dr Catherine Fitt
  • Dr Sara Hall
  • Dr Miles Langdon
  • Dr Dan Petrie

Sheepmarket, Stamford

  • Dr Mary Chorbadjian
  • Dr Helen Little
  • Dr Stella Lowry
  • Dr Robert Mitchell
  • Dr Angus Macdonals
  • Dr Kate Noble
  • Sr Stephen Reiss
  • Dr John Williams


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